Promoting growing programmes and networking opportunities we help to create connections between cooperatives.

One of the main competitive advantages of being a co-operative should be Principle 6 of our Values and Principles “Co-operation between co-operatives".

Whether you want to increase your turnover, open a new branch, incorporate new members or just work more efficiently, the best thing you can do is meet up with other cooperatives who have already done it.

The Federation of Worker Co-operatives of Catalonia is a natural forum for developing relationships with other members, both face-to-face and online. We are committed to set up networking opportunities through seminars and meetings on a regular basis. 

We keep in contact with member cooperatives by regularly sending information in newsletters and specific announcements and we encourage cooperatives to keep up-to-date through the web and the social networks. Identifying them as Federation of Worker Co-operatives of Catalonia members is also a way to tell