The time is right for cooperatives to thrive. The concept of ethical companies – managed democratically, based on principles, and capable of improving both the environment and the welfare of their members – is a powerful one.

Cooperatives have proven their success as a business model. They are innovative, resilient and effective in both the short and long term. They are scalable, from small teams to huge enterprises, and work across all sectors of economic activity. The results speak for themselves; cooperatives generate millions of jobs around the world.

In Catalonia there are 4.000 cooperatives. They strengthen the local economy and support society by employing a business model which promotes the participation of people. This is key to the generation of stable employment and local development. 

Cooperatives work every day, in every corner of the world, in sectors and industries from caring for people to business services, from culture to finance, and from renewable energy to the manufacturing industry.